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Track Name: Master Manipulator
i know she's going for a man who's tall dark and greasy
it's so unfair now he's in the music industry
he's got a glass eyeball and a college diploma
he's yesterday's catch he's blueberry and flax
a master manipulator in the field of feeling good
a social statistician into self satisfaction
Track Name: Picture of the Man She Loves
this is a picture of the man she loves
isn't it unlikely? she's ever so eccentric
don't you think she's scared, dating a caveman?
with ribbons in her hair, she follows him everywhere
even when they go nowhere

she posted a picture of her man on the wall
(oh good gracious heavens)
(i don't believe a word of it)
i saw her taking pictures of her man on the ground
(now she's loving him)
(i don't believe a word of it)

never thought i'd see it with my own two eyes
(i don't see what the big deal is)
(she's holding out on us)
of course he's a cro-magnon but he's in disguise
(szsszsshzhszhshszhszhszssss! here she comes!)
Track Name: Long Sean
after long sean with the tiny throng
we were dancing on the weirdest dancefloor ever conceived
to get out of the city
many things contributed to the evening's train wreckitude
but most of the problems were caused
by an overactive immune system
say you'll come to me when i'm not strong
after you move to bellingham
to get out of the city
who would want to start over with a whole new city?
to get out of the city
you're just shy enough for me
i respect that
say you'll come to me
to get out of the city